About Us

Welcome to HUAYA, a well-established manufacturer of UHMWPE pipe production lines based in China. We specialize in plastic extrusion machinery such as plastic pipe extrusion lines, blown film extrusion machines, and more. Having worked in extrusion equipment industry for many years, we have unrivalled experience in understanding our clients requirements. Therefore, we provide not only performance plastic pipe extrusion machine and extrusion blow molding machines, but also technical supports such as the production formula and production technique improvement. We now offer thoughtful services such as training and installation guides. Due to these, our products, including UHMWPE pipe extrusion line, plastic blown film plant, drip irrigation tubing equipment, have been exported to many countries and regions around the world, such as like India, Vietnam, Russia, Bangladesh, Poland, etc. HUAYA has got the ISO9001:2008 certificate and about 10 national patent certificates. Welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our plastic extruding machines.    More>>>


HDPE steel composit
HDPE pipe
Sucker rod coated d
Escape tubes
Agricultral Mulch F
Packaging Film Blow
Geomembrane Mgchine
Plastic Greenhouse
Labyrinth Type Drip
Inlaid Flat Drip Ir
Inlaid Cylindrical
UHMWPE pipes


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